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Stand apart with visible comfort and style with the uber cool range of Jutis. Jutis hold a lineage with deep roots in the Indian tradition. Find exquisite and stylish embroideries on Jutis that have an oomph factor when synced with traditional Indian outfits. For every Indian celebration, the juti completes the clothing with regal fashion.

Jutis are a part of the richest era of Indian history, extremely popular amongst the kings and the queens of ancient India. Various designs in this category are also inspired from the grand Mughal era. Jutis are a craftsmanship of skilled artisans giving beauty, vibrant color and utility, they give a royal touch with rich golden threading and colorful beads that are used to craft exquisite motifs made over different shades of leather or other material.

Jutis made from fine leather are designed with great detail in embroidery using threads or beads. They are uniquely stylish and soft, and extremely comfortable to wear. You can slide your feet in the jutis much like a slip-on leaving most of the top feet bare. The embroidery is usually delicate and that is what elegance to our jutis.

Worn traditionally on occasions like weddings and festivities, Jutis are essential to sync and complete any traditional dress like Sherwani or even Kurtas and Indo-westerns.

Jutis are very popular all over India, with different styles, patterns and adornments to keep up with the changing generations. One can find a vast array of Jutis that come in all kinds of colors and designs. Fine embroidery juxtaposed with pearls, beads, and colourful stones have been used to give the Juti a touch of elegance along with the essence of true Indian tradition.

Even with changing times, Jutis have evolved in usage beyond just ceremonial attire to fusion dressing worn over jeans and other clothing. Some designs are intrinsic and delicate, while some Jutis showcase simplicity or coloured leather with just a few additional add-ons. Our wide variety of Jutis is a class apart and stand as an emblem of our rich Indian tradition. Moreover, they are comfortable and will appeal to everyone.